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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  February 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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there's an overturning injury crash westbound on the bay bridge incline section. details coming up. [ inaudible ]mód the nfl agrees to len the 49ers 200 million dollars to build a new stadium. the money all but clears the way for construction to begin. good morning. a little breezy. we have fog forming around santa rosa and real spring-like temperatures this weekend before the rain returns next week. 4:30 on this friday, good
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morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. breaking news could have a big impact on the commute from east bay to san francisco. >> let's get the latest from frances dinglasan. >> the back-up is starting to develop this accident happened around 3:50 this morning it may have been a stalled car on the incline section then an suv crashed into it and flipped. the driver of the suv possibly trapped. a third car crashed that that accident. we have now a three-car crash on the incline section of the bay bridge heading towards san francisco. chp has issued a "sig alert." but they hope to clear the accident within the next 10 minutes we'll keep you posted. if it is clear we might not see a big impact for the rest of the commute. right now from the bay bridge toll, this is what it has looked like for the past half hour. the back-up along the incline section, three left lanes blocked. we'll be keeping track of this
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for you. hopefully, my next report will let you know when it is expected to be cleared. >> we will check in with you in a little bit, thanks. nearly a dozen homeowners camping out in cars outside the cow palace this morning hoping to be first in line when the doors open for an event designed to help homeowners refinance or modify mortgages. terry mcsweeney, live at the cow palace who is hosting this event? >> reporter: neighborhood assistance corporation of america or naca. they put it on in different cities throughout the year now they are here and some can't wait to get in. i'm told the guys are going to open at 5:third. everybody is out here with one -- withinning in mind to save hundreds of -- with one thing in mind to save hundreds on their mortgage. some of these people have been
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in line since last night. the line is now into the street. as the morningç goes onç, that is going to be a problem. the line is winding down geneva. thousands expected each day of this four-day event. naca brings all major lenders together it has contracts to lower monthly payments. one man told us his story. >> living the american dream that we hoped to have had. six years ago when i bought the home, now houses -- the market has gone down so far, i owe $500,000 on a home that is worth $158,000. >> reporter: that is the kind of story wex are hearing from a number of people completely underwater looking for hope, help. you see them getting ready. theç entireç event is free to the public.
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they would like to you please bring all mortgage documents. there are people coming from sacramento to see if they can get help. don't make it a long trip for nothing. bring all your documents it is a four-day event it goes through monday. for more information go to click on see it on tv. find out more about this naca event. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. developing news along the san mateo county coast. the coast guard is searching for a missing boater. officials say a 64-year-old left wednesday to catch crab. his son says it was supposed to be a day trip but he never returned. we'll continue to follow the story. we are following developing news overseas. security officials in egypt say gunmen have
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kidnapped two americans and their tour guide after stopping a van carrying the group. officials say the kidnappers sped away in two vehicles. live picture of protests going on now in tahrir square in the heart of cairo. egypt has faced deteriorating security since the popular uprising that ousted mubarak a year ago. latest issue after a soccer match lead to riots that killed nearly 80 and injured more than 1,000. you see tear gas, armored vehicles in the street. these are live pictures. we'll bring you more as you see those security forces move in. back here, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is due in family court today where he's expected to ask a judge to allow him to see his 2-year-old son. his attorney filed a petition asking for an expedited hearing. the sheriff was barred from seeing his boy and having any
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contact with his wife after he was booked on domestic violence charges three weeks ago. he's accused of bruising his wife's arm during a new year's eve argument. he has pleaded not guilty to charges of misdemeanor domestic violence, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. trial is set 24th. a man in critical condition from burns he suffered in a house fire in pittsburg. the blaze broke out in a home after 6:00 last night. firefighters had it under control in 15 minutes. they found the victim badly burned in the house. firefighters did manage to rescue a cat. investigators are still trying to determine the cause. service on muni back to normal. crews worked overnight to complete repairs on wires at church and market that went down affecting k, l and m lines. a big rig proved to be too big and took down the muni overhead bus wires at van ness
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and market. the roof of the semi was almost ripped off. crews repaired lines by late afternoon. 49ers have taken another big step in their effort to build a new stadium in santa clara. yesterday nfl owners approved 200 million dollars in loans for the one billion dollar project. the pham final financing hurdle the 9 -- the final financing hurdle the 9ers needed. the 9ers had already secured 850 million dollars from bank loans. >> this is obviously, an unprecedented day for the san francisco 49ers. this is a very big vote of confidence from the league. >> if it is such a great deal why did they not find private investors? why is it coming on the city company this entire scheme has been a bait and switch. >> opponents say santa clara residents were misled about financing. they are trying to force the
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issue pew back to voters. 9ers plan to open that stadium by 2015. judge refused to lift court order barring two occupy oakland protesters coming within 300 feet of if plaza. attorneys for the men say the orders infringe on their civil rights. they are among a dozen occupy protesters who were served the court orders following last saturday night's violent protests. the two are accused of salting police officers. four hundred demonstrators were arrested during the weekend protest. what do you think the chances are of seeing the sun later today? >> good. kind of cold now. >> 100% is what i would say. 101 to be that much firmer if we could. we have the mid 30s around santa rosa, napa, fairfield upper 30s concord 40s oakland 50 to fog around santa clara
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and fairfield, lowest visibility half a mile, santa rosa, the rest of us it is breezy enough that the fog is not forminging in the air just dry enough holding in the -- 30s and 40s through 8:00 this morning. mix of high clouds and sun today maybe not as many high clouds as yesterday mid 50s to near 60 during your lunchtime fit is at noon as we head towards 4:00, -- low to mid 60s everywhere. spring break from winter there you go, mid to upper 60s all the way through monday. monday night into tuesday a chance of rain. cooler weather once it passes it gets dry again wednesday and thursday. frances with an update on that bay bridge crash. i have great news, chp has cleared the accident on the upper deck. here's a live shot. you saw the back-up earlier. look at this, everything is now flowing well on the incline heading towards san francisco i'll take out to
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bay bridge toll plaza to show you that there was no back-up developed at all they didn't have to turn on the metering lights due to this injury crash, three-car crash that blocked lanes for over half an hour. new crash northbound geneva on the right hand side one of the cars is facing the wrong way you may have heard the report a lot of folks may be headed to the cow palace for the mortgage loans help and right now traffic is light through the area. however, what would be a great way to find out if the traffic is developing through there is to go to our waze traffic maps. right now it is light. when we have commuters who turn on this waze app it tracks speeds. if you are heading on 280 or 101 towards the palace you will be able to see the back-up develop. the more commuters we have that use this application, the more accurate and detailed the information will be.
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learn more by going to and download the free app. it is now 4:41. what washington gives washington can take back. two of the bay area's largest cities maybe forced to give back tens of millions in stimulus funds. crash course for aspiring teachers. the group that wants to improve oakland's schools and how they believe it can be done. get ready for oscar sunday! your complete source for, predict winners and go backstage during the show on february 26th, atúúú@ l
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good friday morning this is live from tahrir square in egypt where you see security forces trying to get the upper hand in crowd control with citizens there. they are throwing tear gas,
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firing bird shot trying to get people often streets. armored vehicles there. this is part of the deteriorating security and surge in crime since the popular uprising that ousted president hosni mubarak nearly a year ago. these are fantastic pictures what is if going on there. we are going to bring you more on this. part of this has to do with that soccer riot that killed nearly 80 people. more on this as it becomes available. oakland and san francisco could be forced to return some of the federal stimulus funds they received to weatherize the homes of low income residents. california receiveed 186 millions to help install new windows, ceiling fans and other energy efficient improvements. a state audit shows the two bay area cities may have give back more than six million dollars because of slow progress. city officials say one of the
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problems is they decided to focus on insulating apartments and multi-family homes instead of houses where more prep time is needed. non-profit group guiding dozens hoping to become the next wave of oakland school teachers. it is a diverse group and that's the whole idea. >> you have to teach all day and take intern classes at night. >> reporter: these are aspiring teachers getting a crash course on what it is going to take to get a job. most are minorities who grew up in oakland. >> i was once one of those kids that was misunderstood. and i have a clear understanding what is going on out there i could help. >> reporter: the non-profit federally funded group teach tomorrow in oakland thinks so too which is why they recruited this diverse pool. they are hoping minority teachers can help turn around the gropeout rate now around 40% most are minority points.
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>> we need to have young men who can see young african-american men who are teaching, leading schools in front of them who are right there engaging them, using the types of strategies they need to keep them in class. >> reporter: according to information collected from the state 92% of the students are minors. when it comes to the teaching staff, less than half are people of color. sheryl moore a former city worker says she will be able to talk to black students in a way others may not. >> i might look like a momma figure and can say it in a way that -- sit yourself -- you know down. whereas, a white teacher may not say it that way >> reporter: for people with a ba it will take a year and a half to get credentials. lilian kim, abc7 news. backlash continues to glow. the bay area group taking back contributions to the
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susan g. komen foundation. >> reporter: did more people find work in january? the jobs report will answer that question in less than an hour. what analysts expect to see and a new presidential pitch to put certain people back to work. the comments from pro football's top administrator that3q at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea.
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welcome back.m noticeç how cool it is in the rockies 30 in denver now and still snowing, 57 st. louis, 67 phoenix, near 50 seattle and portland. denver 150 flight cancellations and more delays because of the snow. charlotte is having flight departure delays. any time you travel that flight tracker will let you know what flights are affected at the bottom.
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4:49. investors are waiting to see how markets will react to the january jobs report released later this morning. economists are cautiously predicting improvement also keeping fingers crossed as is the white house. katie marzullo is live in the news room with more on this story. >> reporter: the numbers come out 5:30. economists have already made predictions. they expect the report to show employers added between 121 and 155,000 new jobs last month. the numbers don't break records. the estimates fall below the 200,000 jobs created in december. however, december is tricky because seasonal jobs can throw often count. it would be the seventh straight month that at least 100 jobs were added. most experts will agree it will whole at 8.5% nationally. bernanke calls the pace slow.
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california's rate is 11.1%, well above that national average. today president obama is going to announce a program that will help put vets to work rebuilding roads, levies and trails -- levees and trails on public lands. the jobs report at 5:30 so keep it here for the numbers. katie marzullo, abc7 news. more backlash over the decision by the susan g. komen foundation to cut funding to planned parenthood. alameda fire department is now rerouting its $2800 donation to the breast cancer fund of san francisco instead of all of komen's california affiliates, including san francisco have come out in opposition. the ceo nancy brink defending its decision in a web video. she says komen will no longer give grants to organizations under investigation by congress.
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critics think the breast cancer charity is bowing to pressure from anti-abortion groups. >> the scurrilous accusations hurled at this organization are profoundly hurt phil. -- hurtful -- >> my understanding is over the last 48 hours they've been able to raise almost as much as susan g. komen has pulled away. >> democratic senators are asking the foundation to reverse its decision. among them barbara boxer and dianne feinstein. raiders fans may be encouraged by in news. nfl commissionered if goodell says the league would rather -- add is expansion team rather than have an existing team move there he says the nfl would likely add two new franchises bringing the total to 34 because an odd number of teams would cause scheduling problems. there's been speculation
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raiders might be interested in returning to l.a. if a new stadium is the raiders don't necessarily listen to the league on these things. gorgeous out there if you can take a tv to the beach or your ipad or whatever means you have of watching the game. looking down on san francisco from sutro tower, look how clear it is. we have fog around fairfield and santa rosa. let's check out temperatures how should you dress when leaving the house? how about 30s up around santa rosa and in fairfield 30s in the east bay valleys. places like livermore will be coolest during the morning. we have 52 in oakland for the warm spot. monterey bay you can see 38 santa cruz 32 inland to gilroy. highlights, mostly sunny, mild today, pattern will hold
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through the weekend. then we have chance of rain possible monday, tuesday, more likely monday night into tuesday. as far as what is going to happen today let's go to the south bay mid to upper 60s, 66 in san jose, mid 60s peninsula, low to mid 60s along our beaches. north bay beaches low 60s inland mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore 63 to 667°. mid to upper 60s east bay valleys around the monterey bay -- made to upper 60s and upper 60s as you head inland a few high clouds mixing with the sun. around the state today, check out temperatures 55 in eureka, 44 tahoe, 53 yosemite low to mid 60s central valley santa anas will kick in around l.a. only up to 40 miles per hour, 66 today in san diego. tonight a repeat of this
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morning 30s dominating most neighborhoods, 40 around san jose and fremont low to mid 40s oakland, richmond, san rafael, san mateo and patchy fog possible above 1,000 feet breezy tonight that will keep you mile. as far as what is going to happen, high pressure moving over the great basin locked in for now next storm gets close look at how strong the ridge is. keeping everything away from us through the weekend. very warm this weekend low to mid 60s tomorrow along the coast mid to upper 60s everywhere sunday into monday chance of rain and cooler tuesday. great shot of the bay bridge you take it for granted but things are flowing well that earlier injury accident has been clearied, no problems now heading into -- san francisco. better news, kristen mentioned this, muni back to normal.
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big problems yesterday. no delays reported for cal train, ace and muni. contra costa county 680 flowing well southbound towards highway 24 at the top of the screen, no problems through the san ramon valley or sunol grey. now the waze traffic -- sunol grade. now to the waze traffic maps. towards santa cruz we have this angry-looking commuter who is a traffic spotter. her picture looks very happy. you get the idea, the drivers who turn on this application share their speeds with other drivers. what the traffic app will do it will show you where things are slowing down based on other drivers' speeds it is a great tool to have handy. you can get more information by going to learn more about it and download it to your iphone or
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smartphone and you can your mode or what your waze driver looks like. >> everyone is entitled to a little unhappiness once in a while. 4:57. later on today speeds could be slow around the cow palace. >> help begins today for bay area homeowners in trouble. the free aid coming to the cow palace this morning that could save thousands from foreclosure. we are live with what you need to know. >> reporter: the san francisco sheriff is taking his situation to another level. up next, we'll tell you about the move he's making today.
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